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Workplace Safety

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Combination Padlock

A large combination padlock with three digits for security.
From £5.41 Incl VAT

D Batteries (x2) Non-rechargeable

2 x D size batteries ideal as replacements or spares for items that require them.
From £3.76 Incl VAT

DEB Sun Protection Board & Dispenser

The Deb SunPROTECT Skin Safety Centre contains facts and statistics on skin cancer and is pre-assembled with a Deb SunPROTECT 1L lockable dispenser and a mirror to assist with sun screen application.
From £88.98 Incl VAT

De-Icer Spray 600ml

This 600ml can of De-Icer is essential for frosty winter mornings. Removing ice from your windscreen quickly.
From £2.10 Incl VAT

Deluxe Kneepad with Nylon Shell

High quality kneepads with adjustable gel that is flexible with the surface used on. Provides excellent and essential protection of the knees and these can be used independently of any trouser.
From £12.66 Incl VAT

Fire Blanket

Fire blanket with glass fibre container and supplied complete with wall mounting container. 1.2m x 1.2m
From £15.96 Incl VAT

Fire Extinguisher Double Stand

Double fire extinguisher stand.
From £50.82 Incl VAT

Fly Killer Aerosol

Get rid of pesky flies in the office and workplace with this easy to use aerosol fly killer.
From £2.48 Incl VAT


Odour and insecticide free, fly killer strips are an effective method of killing flies and other flying insects. Ideal for use in any room in the home, vehicle or greenhouse. Simply pull out, hang and watch as the pests become immobilised.
£3.66 Incl VAT


A traditional method of trapping flies. These sticky paper strips are hung from the ceiling and trap flies on contact.
£2.10 Incl VAT

Foam Extinguisher Rigid Sign

Rigid sign with clear instructions for use of foam fire extinguishers.
From £3.18 Incl VAT

Gaffa Tape

Super strong adhesive tape. Easy to tear from roll for quick application.
From £3.76 Incl VAT
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