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Workplace Safety

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Automatic Lifejacket (150N)

Automatic Lifejacket provides potential lifesaving capabilities as well as piece of mind. Wear before travelling on water for safety.
From £81.35 Incl VAT

Base for Plastic Post Barriers

Heavy duty weighted base for plastic posts.
From £6.30 Incl VAT

Black and Yellow Adhesive Hazard Tape

Self-adhesive black and yellow tape aisle marking or for marking hazardous areas. Dimensions 50mm x 33m role.
From £5.03 Incl VAT

Black and Yellow Barrier Tape

Black and yellow warning tape. A quick and effective barrier for ensuring safety from hazards.
From £5.66 Incl VAT

Blades for Retractable Knives (x10)

10 x Blades for retractable knifes
From £2.23 Incl VAT

BOLLÉ Galaxy Replacement LR44 Batteries (x6)

Replacement batteries for Bollé GALAXY LED spectacles.
From £2.48 Incl VAT

Brass MCB Lockouts x3

Micro Circuit Board lockout ensures that switches are locked into a position until otherwise decided, allowing safer working with electrics.
£23.76 Incl VAT

Budget Value Torch Unit

Your basic handled torch with a large lens for good light distribution. Requires 1 ER6 battery.
From £5.66 Incl VAT

C Batteries (x2)

2 x C size batteries ideal as replacements or spares for items that require them.
£4.14 Incl VAT

Clear Asbestos Bags (x100)

Clear asbestos bag takes the H0526 ready for safe disposal
From £38.10 Incl VAT

CO2 Fire Extinguisher Rigid Sign

Rigid sign with clear instructions for use of CO2 fire extinguishers.
From £3.18 Incl VAT

Combination Padlock

A small combination padlock with three digits for security.
From £4.14 Incl VAT
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