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Respiratory Protection

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SCOTT Proflow SC Powered Respirator

Scott Safety's Proflow SC (Sophisticated Communication) represents the latest generation of powered air respirators. Intelligent and easy to use, the SC has a number of advanced refinements over the original Proflow concept.
From £540.54 Incl VAT

SCOTT Protégé Monitor and Calibration Kit

Monitoring and Calibration Kit for the Protégé O2/LL/H2S/CO Monitor.
£870.00 Incl VAT

SCOTT Protégé O2/LL/H2S/CO Monitor

The Protégé is a personal multi-gas monitor designed to monitor potentially hazardous levels of combustible gases, oxygen enrichment or depletion, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulphide.
From £413.34 Incl VAT

SCOTT Tornado Battery Packs

8 Hour charge - Ultra lightweight, smart NiMh intrinsically safe.
From £158.94 Incl VAT

SCOTT Tornado Filter Adaptors (pair)

Filter adaptor for use with the Scott Tornado powered respirator, when more than one filter is required
From £29.20 Incl VAT

SCOTT Tornado PF251/2 Filter

PF251/2 PSL - Solid and liquid particulates filters (dusts, fibres, mists, fumes, bacteria and virus)
£14.94 Incl VAT

SCOTT Tornado Smart Charger Kit

TOR/BC/SM - Takes ultimate care of the battery by reverting to trickle charge on completion. LED lights indicate status. Full charge in 7 hours.
From £79.50 Incl VAT

SCOTT Tornado TPower Respirator Unit

The T-Power provides filtered air for the widest range of industrial applications as diverse as industrial welding, agriculture and waste disposal.
From £203.46 Incl VAT

SCOTT Twin Filter Pro 2 Respirator (Mask only)

Medium sized half face mask without filters (order separately). Includes fully adjustable straps for perfect fitting every time. When fitted with combined filters it's designed to protect the respiratory system against hazardous gases and particles.
From £10.12 Incl VAT

UVEX Air Mask FFP2V (x15)

Uvex valved air mask with a 3D preformed design for comfort and easy fitting.
From £30.47 Incl VAT

UVEX Air Mask FFP3V (x15)

Uvex valved air mask offers superb FF3V protection, while being lightweight and comfortable.
From £53.36 Incl VAT

UVEX Silv-Air Fold Flat Valved Mask FFP2V (x15)

The uvex silv-Air c mask folds flat and is suitable for guarding against solid and liquid aerosols, dust, mist and fume, but does not provide sufficient face protection against gases and steams above the threshold level.
From £24.11 Incl VAT
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