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Bulk Toilet Blocks (3kg)

Highly perfumed toilet blocks for urinals and toilet bowls 3kg.
From £21.56 Incl VAT

Bulldozer Broom Complete

Heavy duty broom with a wide brush end for various cleaning tasks.
From £12.66 Incl VAT

Centrefeed Roll Dispenser

Modern and sleek centrefeed roll dispenser compatible with ST003 & ST004
From £21.56 Incl VAT

Clean & Shine Floor Maintainer (5L)

Clean & Shine Floor Maintainer removes general soiling and restores gloss finish onto tired looking floors.
From £9.54 Incl VAT

Clean E-Pine Disinfectant (5L)

General purpose Pine scented disinfectant. E-Pine kills bacteria and prevents the spread of infection.
From £3.76 Incl VAT

Cleaning and Degreasing Wipes (x280)

Incredibly tough and durable cleaning and degreasing wipes in a handy box containing 280 sheets.
From £25.38 Incl VAT

Clear Window & Glass Cleaner (6 x 750ml)

Highly efficient cleaner that quickly removes grime, leaving a sparkling streak free finish, especially effective on finger marks on a variety of surfaces.
From £16.22 Incl VAT

Coco Soft Broom Complete 36in

Soft bristled broom suited for dry smooth surfaces. With an extra wide head for excellent coverage.
From £12.66 Incl VAT

Cool Air Freshener Refills (x12)

12 x Cool air freshener refills for dispenser AD151 Airoma dispenser. Suitable for washrooms and even office spaces to keep the environment smelling fresh and clean.
From £87.71 Incl VAT

Cream Cleanser (12 x 500ml)

Versatile and quick acting cream cleaner for kitchens and washrooms. Multi-purpose cleaning capabilities especially for removing stubborn dirt and grime.
From £20.29 Incl VAT

Cyclone Extra Strong Thick Bleach (12 x 750ml)

Highly perfumed thickened bleach that cleans and disinfects in one operation, killing a range of bacteria.
From £20.29 Incl VAT

DEB Afterwork Restorer Hand Cream (1L)

Perfume-free and dye-free, highly effective mild after-work conditioning cream to provide effective skin care whether skin is dry, sore, chapped or in normal condition.
From £17.75 Incl VAT
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