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24in Coco Soft Broom Complete

Soft bristled broom suited for dry smooth surfaces. With a wide head for excellent coverage.
From £6.30 Incl VAT

3 Ply Workshop Wiper in Dispenser (x350)

3 ply high quality industrial wiper roll. Each roll has 350 perforated sheets and is 40cm wide.
From £10.81 Incl VAT

4 ft Wooden Handle

Wooden handle for use with product codes H0700, H07-1 and H0720.
From £1.60 Incl VAT

7 Piece Window Cleaning Set

Premium window cleaning set complete with 7 individual parts. A professional piece of equipment.
From £21.56 Incl VAT

Abrasive Hand Cleaning Wipes (x70)

Powerful, multipurpose, solvent-free, cleansing hand wipes. An ideal replacement for water or towels that remove grease, tar, ink or paint. Conditions hands with glycerin, aleo vera, jojoba, vitamin E and wheatgerm extract. Citrus fragrance.
From £8.21 Incl VAT

Abrasive Scourers (x10)

Green abrasive scourer comes in packs of 10.
From £2.23 Incl VAT

Air Freshener Spray (6 x 750ml)

High quality odour neutralising liquid air freshener from Evans. Can overcome and neutralise tobacco and cooking aromas.
From £18.13 Incl VAT

Alcohol-Free Anti-Bact Hard Surface Wipes (x200)

200 alcohol free anti bacterial hard surface wipes.
From £8.27 Incl VAT

Anti Bacterial Hand Wipes (x150)

These high strength absorbent cleaning cloths are treated with a low alcohol based anti-bacterial cleaning solution, making them gentle and cleansing on the skin. Strong and portable, these are tough on greae and grime, but will quickly clean hands without the need of additional agents.
From £8.84 Incl VAT

Anti-Bacterial Hard Surface Wipes (x200)

Anti-bacterial hard surface cleaning wipes effective against a wide range of bacteria and funghi. Perfect for food preparation areas.
From £7.19 Incl VAT

Black PVC Refuse Bin with Lid

Black plastic bin ideal for storage of waste or materials. The bin comes complete with a lid to protect the contents from the elements. Can be used for indoor or outdoor storage. Works well with refuse sacks. 80 Litre capacity.
From £13.93 Incl VAT

Bulk Fill Hand Soap Dispenser

Strong bulk fill soap dispenser for wall mounting.
From £34.28 Incl VAT
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