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Hearing Protection

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HOWARD LEIGHT Laserlite Corded Earplugs x100 pairs

Tapered pre shaped design for added comfort and ease of removal, Made from non-irritating and non-allergic foam, Packed in pairs
From £30.47 Incl VAT

HOWARD LEIGHT Laserlite LS500 Earplug Dispenser

The LS500 earplug dispenser provides an ideal solution for the workplace. Employees can freely take and use disposable earplugs as required from a consistent area. The dispenser can also be fitted to a wall to provide stability. Replacements can be purchased with code HL1271.
From £104.88 Incl VAT

HOWARD LEIGHT Leightning Hi-Vis L3 Ear Defenders

Additional visual safety is provided by the reflective head bands and hi-vis earcaps. The hearing protection is not compromised with an SNR rating of 34.
£26.10 Incl VAT

HOWARD LEIGHT Leightning L0N Neckband Ear Defender

This innovative design does not require the traditional headband, instead working with a neckband. This feature means these ear defenders are ideal to use with head protection.
From £10.81 Incl VAT

HOWARD LEIGHT Llite Uncorded Earplugs (x500 pairs)

Easy to fit with its T-shape design and comfortable, LaserLite’s low-pressure polyurethane foam expands gently inside the ear canal. The earplugs magenta and yellow colours make compliance checks quick and easy. This refill box of 500 pods fits dispenser LS500.
From £58.45 Incl VAT

HOWARD LEIGHT Quietband QB1 Banded Earplugs

A corded solid ear band, built for longevity. Sits comfortable around the neck, ready for use when required. These pods can be washed, making them a reusable, value for money option.
From £3.76 Incl VAT

HOWARD LEIGHT Quietband QB3 HYG® Banded Earplugs

A low attenuating banded earplug, allowing low level ear protection. This is ideal for low noise environments as only a small reduction takes place, allowing the wearer to still hear other hazards.
From £3.76 Incl VAT

JSP Surefit Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders

Surefit Helmet mounted ear defenders compatible with the Evolite, EVO2 & EVO3 helmets.
From £13.93 Incl VAT

Laserlite Uncorded Earplug (×200)

The LASERLITE earplug offers one of the highest rated hearing protection in Europe. Tapered pre-shaped, multi-colour, design for added comfort and ease of removal. Made from non-irritating and non-allergic foam. Handy sized dispensing box of 200
£36.84 Incl VAT

Peltor Optime 1 Ear Defender

High quality comfortable lightweight ear defender. Excellent value and performance.
£17.22 Incl VAT

PELTOR Optime Electrnic Push to Listen Ear Defndrs

The push to listen feature is a clever mechanism that allows the wearer to engage in a conversation, whilst still wearing and being protected from noise hazards. Pressing the button reduces the attenuation protection but is far safer than removing the protection completely.
From £34.76 Incl VAT

Peltor Optime III Ear Defenders

Peltor Optime III ear defenders are very comfortable with the super ear muffs, covered ear band and being fully adjustable vertically and horizontally. These have been developed for use in extremely loud environments.
£24.36 Incl VAT
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