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Hand Protection

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Leather Driving Glove

Regular grade offers good abrasion resistance, gunn cut and straight thumb construction as well as fully lined for comfort in cold weather applications.
From £9.86 Incl VAT

Mens Low Lint Glove

This low lint, lightweight, inspection safety glove is ideal for use in dust sensitive areas. Great performance in areas where the transfer of materials such as lint needs to be minimised. Case Qty 600
From £0.44 Incl VAT

Mixed Fibre Cotton Glove

A well constructed glove that fits tight to the hand. Can be used for general handling, as a warm liner independently or underneath another glove to provide thermal warmth. This primarily cotton glove is made from mixed fibres.
£0.54 Incl VAT

Nitrile Chemical Glove

• Very high abrasion resistance • Excellent dexterity and fit • Patterned finish improves grip • Suitable for wet working environments • Chemical resistance • 330mm in length
From £1.40 Incl VAT

Nitrile Heavy Duty Glove

A heavy duty nitrile coated working glove that offers excellent resistance to abrasion and punctures. Soft cotton lining for added comfort. Knitted wrist. Works well in both wet and dry working environments. Case Qty 100
From £1.85 Incl VAT

Nitrile Lightweight Handling Glove

Nitrile coated grip gloves, designed for general handling in damp and wet environments. Comfortable to wear, these gloves provide good dexterity. Case Qty 144
From £1.33 Incl VAT

Polka Dot Handling Glove

Exceptional grip and handling is provided from the Polka handling glove by the hundreds of black pvc dots connected to both sides of this ambidextrous glove. The expandable cuff provides a tight grip to the wearer. Case Qty 144
From £0.50 Incl VAT

POLYCO Electrical Insulating Glove

Specialist electrical insulating glove designed exclusively for electrical purposes. 36cm in length providing excellent protection. These gloves are made from natural rubber.
From £35.30 Incl VAT

POLYCO HexArmor® Sharpsmaster HV® Glove

HexArmor GATOR GRIP TECHNOLOGY ® sets the industry standard for needle protection with innovative solutions for a variety of applications. The SharpsMaster HV® 7082 utilises multiple layers of SuperFabric® brand material to provide the highest levels of needle and cut protection on the market.
From £72.44 Incl VAT

POLYCO HexArmor® Wastemaster® Glove

The Wastemaster® utilises high performance HexArmor® SuperFabric® technology engineered to provide the highest level of needlestick protection available. Tested using 25 gauge hypodermic needles, it gives users incredible protection against needlestick injuries. The two layers of glove plates arrest, trap and block needles, preventing them from reaching the skin surface.
From £130.96 Incl VAT

POLYCO Matrix Dot Handling Glove

The Polyco Matrix D is created from a seamless knitted shell with an extremely high grip dotted palm coating. As well as excellent grip and a tight fit this latex free safety glove provides protection from abrasion, scratches and dirt. Case Qty 120
From £1.08 Incl VAT

POLYCO Mediumweight Natural Rubber Glove

A mediumweight but heavy duty unlined black natural rubber latex glove. Contains a beaded cuff for tear resistance and easy donning. Chlorinated to harden and cleanse the surface.
From £1.66 Incl VAT
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