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Hand Protection

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EJENDALS Tegera 887 Lycra PU Palm Coated Glove

The Tegera 887 is a nylon liner with a nitrile foam dip with a grip pattern to the palm and fingers. The back of the hand is ventilated which keeps moisture to a minimum.
From £2.48 Incl VAT

EJENDALS Tegera 9180 Anti-Vibration Glove

Ejendals Tegera 9180 are designed for the absorption of vibration due to direct hand contact with vibrating equipment, machinery or hand held tools, reducing the risks and effect of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). Vibration and impacts from everyday tools can cause serious long-term damage to nerves, tendons, muscle and bone. Injuries from over-exposure can be undetected until they become cumulative and serious.
From £40.39 Incl VAT

EJENDALS Tegera 983 Lycra® PU Palm Coated Glove

This extra flexible light weight glove is designed for precise work. Extremely good fingertip sensitivity allows the wearer to perform detailed tasks that require excellent dexterity. Dyneema Diamond Technology adds to the gloves already outstanding breathability.
From £10.75 Incl VAT

EJENDALS Tegera Thermal Waterproof Glove

The Ejendals Tegera Hi-Vis glove provides added protection, warmth and longevity, perfect for outdoor trades. Lasting 10-15x the life of a standard rigger glove plus the reinforced finger tips, waterproof fabric and high visibility properties make this a highly versatile glove.
From £15.90 Incl VAT

Ekogrip Mixed Fibre Palm Coated Glove

A 10 Gauge medium weight knitted cotton/polyester liner with a lightweight blue latex coated palm, fingertips and thumb. Excellent dry grip, fit, comfort and dexterity. The knitted liner and uncoated back of hand and fingers reduce perspiration making this a good choice for long periods of use. The Sanitized® hygiene function brings increased freshness, comfort and protection over prolonged periods of use
From £0.83 Incl VAT

ENERGY Nitrile Disposable Glove (x100)

This latex and powder free, anti-allergy nitrile glove has good mechanical strength combined with excellent dexterity and fit. Ideal working glove for lightweight protection. Supplied in box of 100.
From £5.22 Incl VAT

Fingerless Acrylic Glove

This thick fingerless glove provides warmth, whilst still exposing the fingers and thumbs for freedom and manoeuvrability. Working like a body warmer the glove heats the core of the hand and therefore circulates warm blood to the exposed fingers.
From £1.21 Incl VAT

Furniture Hide Rigger Glove

Low cost and long lasting work gloves this rigger glove provides protection from abrasions and cuts from various working conditions. Manufactured from superior Canadian suede this rigger glove offers great value for money.
From £1.72 Incl VAT

High Visibility Thermal Handling Glove

This glove has a warm acrylic 10 gauge liner and is ideal for more heavy duty, outdoor tasks or those people working in cold conditions.
From £1.85 Incl VAT

HONEYWELL PVC Double Dipped Gloves

From Polyco a reusable chemical resistant glove. Tight fitting with good abrasion and tear resistance. The cotton flock inside this heavy duty natural rubber glove is made from soft cotton, to absorb perspiration, therefore keeping hands cool.
From £3.50 Incl VAT

Industrial Heavyweight Natural Rubber Glove

A high quality nitrile glove that features remarkably high abrasion, cut and puncture resistance. This unlined nitrile glove will provide excellent dexterity and fit. Provides the wearer with thick chemical protection. 310mm length.
From £21.56 Incl VAT

Industrial Mediumweight Rubber Glove

A Heavyweight but heavy duty unlined black natural rubber latex glove. Contains a beaded cuff for tear resistance and easy donning. Chlorinated to harden and cleanse the surface.
From £11.39 Incl VAT
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